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Apr 19 2013

Well, that went quickly.

I had intended to post here about my experience student teaching at least once a week.

My last post was a rather depressing one, regarding my questioning my effectiveness as a teacher and wondering what I could do to reach my students.  Weeks later, I sit here at my desk knowing that today is my last day.  My student teaching experience is over.  Have I been successful?  I’d certainly like to think so.  I know more about handling a classroom than I did when I was going in.  We’ve had our ups and downs, but for the most part, I have great relationships with my students.  I’ve become more comfortable pacing out my lessons and figuring out where lessons and units fit in the “bigger picture.”  Am I perfect?  Of course not, but I don’t think I could expect that of myself.

I am sitting here before any students get in not only because I selfishly wanted to spend some time in the classroom alone on my last day but because I wanted to have time to reflect on what I am going to talk to them about today.

Dr. Seuss, to start with.  For National Poetry Month, I have given them poems to reflect on for their daily warm ups.  At the beginning of the month, I promised them Dr. Seuss.  Today, I plan on reading them Oh, The Places You’ll Go. As seniors, I hope they see how fitting it is.  I also intend to play for them the Baz Luhrmann reading of the “Wear Sunscreen” commencement address.  When I was writing my graduation speech in high school, I listened to it every day hoping I could write something as meaningful.  I have no idea if it’s still popular enough for them to have heard it, but I’ll play it anyway.  I also have to respect the fact that my last day is concluding a week of tragedy throughout the US.  The Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent violence as well as the Texas explosion are impossible to ignore.  If nothing else, I want to reflect on these events and remind students to be kind to one another.

There’s too much to say and too many feelings to only have one last day.  Currently wishing I had more than our typical period with each of my classes.

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