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Feb 08 2013


My observation days are over.

It was an interesting day to start teaching, but I’m trying to go with the flow.  It’s spirit week, 2nd block was a pep rally, and we got out early today because of the projected snow coming with Nemo.  In the midst of all that, though, I finally got to introduce myself to the classes and do a small activity regarding classroom expectations.  As part of my introduction, I gave each student a half-sheet of paper with a small survey on it, to help me get to know them.  I walked them through each question and gave my answers as they filled out their own.  Here are some of the responses:

1. What’s your favorite thing you have read (can be a book, poem, comic book, magazine, newspaper, blog, etc.) and why?

  • Coldest Winter Ever – relateable
  • A book I read in fifth grade called Number the Stars because it was the first book I read about a serious matter and it has stuck with me.
  • TransWorld Ride BMX
  • Bluford Series, because I can relate to the characters
  • My favorite thing that I’ve ever read doesn’t really narrow down to one thing.  It’s difficult for me to read something and dislike it or favor it.
  • “The Rose that Grew from the Concrete” by Tupac.  I like it because it has meaning we can relate to.
  • I hate reading anything unless it is a message on my phone.

2. What are your plans for next year?  Where do you hope they take you in the future?

  • Go to Brigham Young University in the summer hopefully on a scholarship for running.  I want to coach high school/college.
  • Move out of my house and go to college.  Be more independent.  I hope to bet my bachelors of nursing.
  • As of next year I will be a freshman in college as well as take care of my child who is on the way.  I know it will make me strive to be more successful.
  • Move to North Carolina and become a tattoo artist.
  • I had a passion for nursing and working in the ER but I currently have no idea what I want to do and I’m freaking out.
  • Keep working to save up for college.
  • Military

3. What do you love?

  • Basketball
  • Anime, music, food
  • Justin Bieber
  • I love to draw, exercise, and write stories.
  • TV
  • I love to be around loved ones.
  • Going to church, family, skateboarding, making others happy

4. What should I know about you that will help us communicate well and/or help you succeed in this class?

  • I naturally respect anybody, as long as they return the favor. I like hard criticism, and I am 100% honest with how I feel towards a situation. I love when teachers are patient with me, and when they are also 100% honest.
  • I have ADHD, but if it’s a good topic I can focus.  I love writing poems and songs.
  • Ever since I was a young child I’ve been writing fiction and poems.  My favorite thing is to write, however I find it extremely difficult to write when prompted, making essays difficult.
  • If I don’t really participate in class it doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention.  I learn better when I listen, and like to keep to myself.
  • First year out of ESL.  Have a little trouble with English. I learn better when things are explained to me.
  • I’m a hands on learner so poster type projects are good for me.
  • I am deaf in my left ear. I am really tired in the morning.  If I’m late, it’s cause I can’t hear my alarm clock.
  • I might not always look at you when you’re talking, but I’m listening.  I’m kind of shy at first.

5. Share one random fact about yourself.

  • I have been a vegetarian since 2nd grade.
  • I am 50% French, 50% black, and my family and I speak French.
  • I want to join the foundation Invisible Children. My sister was involved with it and I’d love to actually go to Uganda and assist.
  • I play guitar, drums, and piano.
  • I speak 3 languages.
  • I can clap with my feet.
  • I have over 600 hours of community service.
  • I work two jobs.


For the most part, they answered these much more sincerely than I expected.  I’m really excited to work with these students and continue to get to know them.

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