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Jan 25 2013

First Full Week

Mr. T taught this week.  He chose the role of the disciplinarian in establishing the classroom expectations.  I know he is doing this so the students will welcome me more readily, but the hostile classroom atmosphere worries me a little.  Students openly discuss their dislike of him.  At the same time, he reminds me of a teacher I had my freshman year of high school who everyone also hated.  By the end of the year, those of us who were academically minded loved and respected him for how well he managed the classroom and for how much we learned.

English 12 classes worked through a grammar unit this week focusing on sentence structure and types of subordinate clauses.  They’ll be starting a lit unit on Beowulf on Monday.  AP Language is in the middle of a unit on the elements of rhetoric.

Although I spent the week sitting at a desk in the corner of the room taking attendance, observing Mr. T’s style and pacing, and sketching rough plans for my units, students seem to be warming up to me.  Wednesday, one student asked my advice about some minor drama between herself and a classmate.  Today, students were working on an activity in groups, and one group called me over for help by asking, “Miss Mason, are you good at English?”

I would certainly hope so, considering I’ll be teaching them soon.

In TFA news, I’m impatiently awaiting a Corps Blast that is supposed to come out on January 31.  I saw that other regions have already started applying for certifications in their respective states, so I’m hoping that’s my next step!

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