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Jan 10 2013

Student Teacher Orientation

I had my student teacher orientation today.  I wish I had more to say about it, but I found it disappointingly unspecific.  It was great to meet the supervisor who will be guiding me from my university’s end of things, and I had some of my questions answered, but some of the bigger things we need to do for certification (such as what goes in our lesson plan binders and our artifact binders) are still unclear.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get those things clarified during our weekly classes.

On Monday, a mere four days away, I start attending school daily for my student teaching.  I won’t start teaching right away, but I’ll be able to start learning students’ names and getting a better feel for the school community and culture.  Right now I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed and under-prepared.  I know I should be scouring the internet for advice on teaching the content I’ll be covering in my units, but I’ll be turning in soon.  I have spring RA training tomorrow (senior RAs teach the second semester hires everything they missed in fall training) and Saturday (all RAs come back early for a professional development day).  It’ll be interesting balancing my RA responsibilities with teaching full time this semester.

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